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"Dr. Freidson seems very knowledgedable on the proper ergonomics for the seated worker. He gave me some great tips on how to sit the right way! The stretches he taught keep me feeling looser and less tight throughout the day."

Ben Rischall, Financial Advisor
Rischall Financial

"After the first on-site treatment my back felt looser than it has in years. It made my work day a lot easier."

Jeff Larson, Conventional Route Driver

"Dr. Freidon spoke to our group of over 100 about carbohydrates. Dr. Freidson was able to make the lecture interesting by getting the audience involved. Because of his talk, many of us, including myself, have made important cahnges in our diets and are now feeling more engergetic!"

Mert Sukerman, Board Member
Plymouth Senior Center

"Dr. Dave's seminar really opened my eyes on how to best setup my workstation! I do the stretches he taught me between patients. I wish I would have learned all of what Dr. Dave showed us when I was in school!"

Heidi Brown, Dental Hygienist
Boger Dental

"I have a physically demanding job as a mechanical engineer and I often assume awkward postures. Prior to Dr. Freidson's advice, I had quite a bit of low back pain while working. Now I feel like I'm able to do anything that the job requires with minimal pain. If I ever get a twinge of pain at work, I just do some of the stretches that Dr. Freidson taught me, and I'm back to feeling great!"

Tom Kaiser, Mechanical Engineer

"Dr. Freidson's teaching style was very effective. Breaking into teams at the end to set up our workstations was extremely helpful. Everybody is sitting up straighter at the office. I know I am!"

Ann Schley, Project Manager
PCL Construction Services, Inc.

"I had loss of strength and pain in my leg and after one treatment with Dr. Freidson the pain was gone and the strength was back to normal."

Carolyn Setzler, Office Staff

"Dr. Freidson delivered what he promised and more! He was able to observe and survey our staff, present a wonderful workshop, help staff set up their workstations to be ergonomically correct, do some advanced massage teachiques for staff members who were interested, and he even organized an ergonomic committee. You can tell Dr. Freidson really loves what he does!"

Robyn Theisen, Operations Leader
Boger Dental

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Staff is always friendly. Dr Dave always asks (and listens!) how I am doing and adjusts my treatment as needed. He is great about letting me know what I can expect from treatments and has referred me to a sleep center and a neurologist for symptoms he felt could be better addressed by them. Best of all, he was right. The combination treatments have me feeling better than I have in years."
    Lisa M.

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