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Written Testimonials 2

"I was having severe low back pain before seeing Dr. Dave. My sleep was disturbed due to the pain and after the first treatment I slept great and the pain was much reduced. I'm here for my third visit and I'm already 85% better. Thanks Dr. Dave!"

Carrie Timmins

"I was having extreme weakness in my left arm and I went to see Dr. Freidson after seeing another practitioner (a chiropractor) for five weeks with no improvement in my condition. At the first visit, Dr. Freidson recognized that I had a disc herniation in my neck and he referred me for an MRI. I saw a neurologist after the MRI and surgery was scheduled immediately because I was told the disc was pressing on my spinal cord. I was told that if Dr. Freidson didn't recognize the severity of my condition that I could have been paralyzed. I am now training for an upcoming body building competition and I expect to become a pro bodybuilder soon. Thanks Dr. Freidson!"

Ben Engelstad

"I had low back and leg pain for a year before seeing Dr. Freidson. I had tried everything! I went to physical therapy for 3 months and I had a couple of cortisone injections. I had never been to a chiropractor but I was willing to try anything. I almost lost all hope after the X-rays Dr. Freidson ordered showed degeneration in my spine but he thought he could still help me - and he did! My low back and leg pain was gone. I love walking and when I starting getting pain I couldn't walk as long and it was difficult keeping pace with my husband - after seeing Dr. Freidson I could walk as much as I wanted and my husband was having a tough time keeping up with me!

Michelle Lorinser

"I was having back, neck, feet pain and headaches when I first saw Dr. Freidson. I was having migraine headaches more days than not. I was taking up to 12 tablets of over the counter pain medication per day when I first saw Dr. Freidson, and now I'm taking none! I haven't seen Dr. Freidson in 4 weeks and I am still pain free! I saw Dr. Freidson for 10 total visits and today is my last visit. Thanks Dr. Freidson!

Lindsay Suess

"I had never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Freidson and I was very hesitant. I had tried physical therapy for my shoulder which didn't help. The range of motion of my shoulder and the pain was so bad that I was willing to try anything. After Dr. Freidson's treatments, my shoulder range of motion has improved so much and there is virtually no pain."

Ann Pearson

"I am typing this letter to say THANKS! For all that your expertise and caring did for me. On Monday, the 9th of June, I blew out my back at work. Now normally, I would be ok in a week or so. However, that Wednesday, I was going to get married. So instantly I called your office and Jacks told me that Dr. Dave could see me at 1:30pm. So I went and had my first treatment that afternoon. My second treatment was the next day, Tuesday. My third treatment was on Wednesday and Dr. Freidson actually came to my house because he wasn't in the office that day and he said he would be in my area. What service! I was not only impressed, but I could actually stand up for my wedding later that evening. This whole order of events could not have taken place if it wasn't for all the kindness of you and your office. For this I am totally thankful & will recommend you to anyone in need -even if they aren't getting married.

David Smittkamp, Owner of Dave's Furniture World

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Staff is always friendly. Dr Dave always asks (and listens!) how I am doing and adjusts my treatment as needed. He is great about letting me know what I can expect from treatments and has referred me to a sleep center and a neurologist for symptoms he felt could be better addressed by them. Best of all, he was right. The combination treatments have me feeling better than I have in years."
    Lisa M.

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