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"I had pain for over 6 months before I saw Dr. Dave. I had been to physical therapists and even had an epidural injection but nothing worked better than Dr. Dave's treatments."

Matt Blair, former Minnesota Viking
"2nd most tackles in Vikings history, 6 pro bowl appearances

"When I first saw Dr. Freidson for my hamstring pain, I couldn't run. I had been to other chiropractors, and seen massage therapists, but no one could get rid of the pain. After a few visits with Dr. Freidson, the pain was gone and I was running competitively. I am so thankful for Active Release Technique and Dr. Freidson."

Amy Lyons, Elite Runner

"My family started seeing Dr. Dave one and a half years ago when I brought my 14 yr old daughter to him. After years of playing ice hockey, she had developed chronic knee pain that just wouldn't resolve itself. The pediatrician told us there was nothing physiologically wrong, yet she was in significant pain almost all the time. She also had back problems. We started seeing Dr. Dave regularly, and now my daughter's knees and back are completely healthy and well again. Now, a year later, she continues the exercises and stretches that Dr. Dave taught her and her knees are still feeling great. We see him periodically for regular adjustments and ART. He literally has changed her life - and she's playing better than ever. My kids and I all see Dr. Dave for regular adjustments - for our overall health and general sense of well-being. He's such a great guy - an extraordinarily good listener, always so interested and so invested in what his patients are telling him. We can't say enough about how much we appreciate and admire him. It's so hard these days to find a doctor as highly dedicated and committed - and an added bonus - the office is SUPER organized....they don't miss a beat. We can't say enough -- we give him our highest recommendation."

Jenn Abraham, Busy Mother of 3

"I had loss of strength and pain in my leg and after one treatment with Dr. Freidson the pain was gone and the strength was back to normal."

Carolyn Setzler

"I had a horrible migraine for 10 days straight. After seeing Dr. Freidson for 1 visit the headache was gone. I like that Dr. Freidson doesn't have me come in more than I need like some chiropractors. I've seen him for hip and shoulder pain before and he treated me a few times before discharging me because the pain was gone."

Joni Ekberg, Registered Nurse

"I had headaches and neck pain for years. I am an IT professional who often travels for work. After working on flights I would get intense headaches that would require me to lie down. Since seeing Dr. Freidson I haven't had any headaches or neck pain. Along with his advanced treatments, Dr. Freidson educated me on some things I could do on my own time to help decrease my pain, as well as promote better posture, such as instructing me the correct way to setup my workstation and showing me stretches and exercises that can be completed anywhere throughout the day, even during flight. This combination of treatment and education has been the difference and I believe will be a true and lasting cure to my headaches and neck pain.

Dr. Freidson was the first chiropractor I've been to and I thought the visits would be costly but my insurance picked up the majority of the cost. His office was able to look into my insurance ahead of time and see what my cost would be for visits. I also thought he would require many visits before I had any standing results and I've only seen him for five appointments over a month and a half. My next appointment is in a month which he thinks will likely be my last. Thanks Dr. Dave!"

Brad Lyons, IT Auditor

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Staff is always friendly. Dr Dave always asks (and listens!) how I am doing and adjusts my treatment as needed. He is great about letting me know what I can expect from treatments and has referred me to a sleep center and a neurologist for symptoms he felt could be better addressed by them. Best of all, he was right. The combination treatments have me feeling better than I have in years."
    Lisa M.

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