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Video Testimonials

Linda Gibbons, Media Center Instructor and Kettle Bell Enthusiast

Kari Sterling, Avid Tennis Player

Dr. Kathleen Rieke, Neurologist (Headaches/Neck Pain)

Renee Wissbrocker, Kettlebell Instructor. (Shoulder Pain)

Eric Smith, Former University of Minnesota Linebacker. (Motorcycle Accident/Low Back Pain)

Andrew Rock, Olympic Gold Medalist Sprinter. (Plantar Fasciitis)

Kelly Kemp, Marathon Runner. (Low Back Pain)

Sheri Hines. (Shoulder Pain)

Sandy Haggerty. (Neck Pain)

Jen Abraham

Tracey Meyer (Glute Pain)

Lou Doelz (Pepsi Co Employee)

Doug Kosbab (Work Comp Injury)

Amar Patel. (Shoulder Pain)

Michelle Sensat, Dental Hygienist.

Mindy G, Happy with Graston. (Shoulder Pain)

Cindy Garin, Registered Nurse. (Low Back Injury)

Dave Smittkamp, Furniture Store Owner. (Low Back Pain)

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Staff is always friendly. Dr Dave always asks (and listens!) how I am doing and adjusts my treatment as needed. He is great about letting me know what I can expect from treatments and has referred me to a sleep center and a neurologist for symptoms he felt could be better addressed by them. Best of all, he was right. The combination treatments have me feeling better than I have in years."
    Lisa M.

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